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  • Your Satisfaction is Our Priority: We're dedicated to ensuring you're happy with your stay. Before confirming reservations, I personally review each one to ensure everything is perfect for you.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: If you have specific requests, please let me know. We can customize services, eliminate unnecessary costs, and agree on payment methods, so you can choose what suits you best.
  • Payment Protection: Your payment is safeguarded by I_PRAC, and you have a 24-hour cancellation window for peace of mind.
  • Building Trust: Establishing trust is fundamental for us. It's the key to harmonious coexistence, and we're always working to provide you with the best possible service.

Everyday Acts of Kindness and the Heart of a Responsible Family Member

Let's embrace the idea of keeping our environment clean and welcoming as a daily habit, showing genuine care for our neighbors. Hygiene isn't just a courtesy; it's like extending a warm invitation to our guests. In these times, it's not just about following the rules; it's about being a responsible and caring member of the community, looking out for the well-being of everyone.

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Here and there in Baratti

About us

The attraction of the sea: the second life in LeCaramelle di Baratti -My story is that of a second life, in which I left my job early to pursue my passion: the sea and the Gulf of Baratti. What at first was just an opportunity to host family and friends, turned into an exciting discovery of a new world of knowledge, challenges and opportunities.

LeCaramelle di Baratti: when professionalism meets passion for hospitality -And it's precisely this world that excites me more every day. I immediately realized that to play this challenge I needed to grow in hospitality knowledge by putting my technological experience to good use. And so was born LeCaramelle di Baratti, a holiday home that embodies my guidelines of ethics, professionalism, sustainability, inclusion and respect.

LeCaramelle di Baratti: the curiosity for an authentic Tuscany in a safe and welcoming environment -This territory fascinated me, its beauty kidnapped me. -My mission is to share with my guests this charm of curiosity, from the advantaged position of the foreigner. And offer an unforgettable holiday to discover the most authentic places and enjoy the sea, nature and local traditions, welcomed in a comfortable and clean environment, with respect for the community and the surrounding area

Apartamentos destacados

Sustainable Tourism in Baratti

The Populonia Community: Pioneering Sustainable Mobility for Baratti Bay

Our close-knit Populonia community works hand in hand with the City Administration to improve eco-friendly transportation solutions for reaching the unspoiled Baratti Bay. We all hold a profound admiration for the pristine natural wonders that surround us, and we're dedicated to safeguarding their beauty.

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Accessibility to impaired people

There are no one-size-fits-all answers

We take immense pride in not only providing an accommodating environment for the elderly but also ensuring full accessibility for individuals with disabilities. We are dedicated to understanding and addressing all unique needs, striving to find practical solutions tailored to each individual. 

Your comfort and convenience are at the forefront of our commitment.

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Orange & Green Sudios

Our Reputation

We are committed to transparency and openly share real-time feedback and reviews from online travel agencies (OTA).